Cigna to end OxyContin painkiller coverage.

Centers for Disease Avoidance and Control, opioids were involved with over 33,000 fatalities in 2015, the most recent year that data is obtainable, as well as the death rate provides continued rising, relating to estimates. Purdue Pharma continues to be sued by many states and regional government authorities who accuse the OxyContin manufacturer of deceptive advertising practices which have contributed to a nationwide opioid addiction epidemic. Cigna is notifying clients with current OxyContin prescriptions and their doctors from the upcoming switch, but individuals who’ve started using OxyContin for hospice treatment or cancer remedies will continue steadily to have the medicine covered in 2018. The insurer said it shall consider approving coverage for OxyContin if a health care provider feels the medication is medically required..Among those aged 45 and older who have been living alone, 14 % stated they were experiencing declines in mental function. Among those experiencing a chronic disease, 15 % reported some cognitive decrease, the report demonstrated. The analysts also discovered that a larger %age of individuals aged 75 and older reported cognitive drop than those aged 45 to 74. Moreover, just 45 % of these who said that they had memory space or other mental problems had discussed their condition with a health care provider, the results showed. That is unfortunate because some memory problems are reversible, Baumgart said.