Daycare centers may lack plans for pandemic flu Less than one in 10 U.

Many U.S. Daycare centers may lack plans for pandemic flu Less than one in 10 U .S. Daycare middle directors took concrete steps to get ready for the pandemic flu outbreak, a recently available study suggests. Experts surveyed directors of licensed childcare centers in 2008 and in 2016 again, to assess flu avoidance actions before and following the 2009 pandemic outbreak of a fresh stress of H1N1 influenza. Among other activities, they viewed flu prevention pursuits like daily wellness checks for children, infection control schooling for staff, interacting with parents on the subject of immunization and disease requirements for kids and staff. Both before and following the 2009 global outbreak, no more than 7 % of directors surveyed said they did these flu prevention actions, the scholarly study found.

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