How can you pay so much more for my gold
than your competition?

Simple – our experience with refining gold has taught us the most cost effective ways of refining gold – which allows us to pass on more money to you. Plus… we don’t spend enormous amounts of money advertising on TV, radio and elsewhere… Who do you think pays for that? You do.
This is why Express Cash Jewelry can offer you up to 5 times more cash than our competitors.

When can I receive my cash for my gold?
Depending upon the payment method you choose, you can receive your cash payment in less than 24 hours after we have received your package and confirmed the amount with you.
Company check and Bank Wire Transfer are all available for you convenience.

How can I tell if my gold items are really Gold?
Check the markings on the gold. If your item is gold, inside the ring or on the back of a necklace or pendant it should show a tiny mark saying one of the following: 8kt, 9kt, 10kt, 14kt, 18kt, 22kt or 24kt. In some cases, you may see 417 for 10 karat .585 (another mark used for 14 kt gold) or .750 (another mark used for 18 kt gold.)
ExpressCashJewelry.com will also purchase platinum. Now you can turn them into cash!

Why Sell my gold now? Shouldn’t I hang on to it?
Prices for gold are the highest in many years. You can take advantage of the investments you’ve made in your gold jewelry, coins, and other precious metals by transforming your gold into the cash you need now. Clean out your jewelry boxes, closets and attics – turn those old, broken or unwanted gold items to cash!

How much will I receive for my item(s)?
In order to properly answer this question, we would need to take in to account the carat percentage, weight, and the market price at the time. Each shipment is different depending upon contents. For fairness, we implement an increasing sliding scale of payment based upon the amount of weight and the nature of the material. Being that the overall process is the same whether we receive a single broken ring or a lot of charms and chains we would need to apply a sliding scale method of payment which is based on mostly the weight and carat percentage. In other words, the greater the overall amount, the higher the payment.

But keep in mind; just because you paid retail price for an item, the price is going to be much less when it’s time to sell. Retail jewelers tend to have one of the highest marks up in prices of any industry.

Overall, we can estimate that 99% of our Sellers are satisfied with the payment. The 1% who is not is simply invited to return our check and we will return their valuables free of charge.

Can I visit your office to sell my valuables?
Yes. You can visit hour store and one of our specialists will appraise and evaluate your gold, silver and diamonds. Our walk-in hours are Monday through Saturday 11AM until 7PM 430 Central Ave. Jersey City, N.J. 07307. Phone Number 201-798-7671

How quickly can I expect payment?
Because we can appreciate the urgency that is involved, we employ a reputable overnight carrier that will be at your doorstep shortly after you contacting our office. Your package usually arrives the following business day, where it gets processed and a payment gets issued. Upon request, we arrange same day bank wires, and Company Check by Mail. Western Union, and Money Gram are also available for your convenience.

Can you call me prior to sending out the payment?
Yes. We make sure to call you prior to issuing payment. Please provide us with the best telephone number to contact you and we will certainly follow through.

What if I’m not satisfied with the amount you offer?
If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our offer, simply we return your merchandise free of charge inmediatly.

How can you assure the security and accuracy of my valuables sent?
Security: We take responsibility for your valuables very seriously. For more than 20 years we’ve built a reputation for honesty and integrity. We log in all material received under two surveillance cameras. Every transfer of your lot’s contents requires a signature. Our security is tight because we want to ensure your peace of mind. Your lot is always monitored and is never left unattended. In fact, your lot never leaves our store.

Accuracy: Prior to processing, lots are weighed to verify the weight. Once processed, your material gets re-weighed and recorded. Please keep in mind that by processing your material on premises, allows us to keep 100% accuracy on your valuable metals.

Why do we go through such a complex series of checks and balances for every lot? Simply because we believe quality and honesty are paramount. It is what our customers have come to expect and deserve. We are strong believers in building solid relationships. Trust and honesty are essential components of our business philosophy.

Can I use my own packaging?
Yes. In fact this will speed up the process, because you won’t have to wait our Gold Kit. If you want, you can contact us at 201-798-7671 or 201-424-5069 between 11AM until 7PM Eastern Time, Monday thought Saturday.